Software launch detection overview

Hivecode will track all the launches of your software and let you know when it had an unauthorized use.

How it works

Hivecode works in easy and universal way.
First, configure software tracking in the Hivecode control panel. You will then be asked a few simple questions about the technologies used in your software and some environment information (IP address of your server(s), domain names etc.). You will then be prompted to insert a few lines of code (that Hivecode prepares for you) into your software. This code will infrequently send web requests to Hivecode with basic information about launch environment. Hivecode will analyze the information received from this web request, log it, and notify you if your software was launched from an unauthorized environment.

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Here are few examples of how Hivecode can be used

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Which software is supported?

Hivecode supports any software written with any language and technology. All it requires is internet access.

Some of the most commonly-used technologies have ready-to-go integrations in Hivecode, so you don't need developer skills to integrate Hivecode into your applications. Even if Hivecode doesn't have a ready integration for your software, we have a clear guide to enable integration into almost any application with very little developer input.

How to integrate

After signing up to Hivecode, you will be able to create new software monitoring. While running software monitoring wizard, you will be asked a few questions about technologies you use in your application and will be given the source code to insert. If Hivecode doesn't have the technology you want to track, you can follow the guide inside the wizard which explains how to quickly write integration code.