Data leak detection overview

Hivecode will track unauthorized use of you email database.

It's super important to keep your database secured and prevent usage of your data by unauthorized third parties. But there a lot of reasons why private data can be leaked from your database, even if you use data leak prevention (DLP) software. Here are only a few of them:

  • System administrator/devops mistake (such as an open port, disclosed password etc.)
  • Theft of a company database from Employee or ex-employee
  • Exploiting database or software vulnerabilities
  • Malicious attacks that result in data leakage
  • Malware
  • Hacked servers
  • Phishing
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Of course, everybody is using DLP tools to prevent it, but how do you know if they are completely effective? They give no guarantee that data leaks will not happen. Don't you want to know if your DLP tools really work or not? Don't you want to be aware of who uses your data, and how and when they use it.

If you want to know the answers to these questions, Hivecode is for you: Hivecode is a data leak detection software which tracks unauthorized usage of your data.

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How it works?

After you sign up to Hivecode, you will be prompted to configure your database tracking. You will be asked a few short questions about technologies you use (database technology, programming language etc.), your environment (domains, ip addresses) and data type being stored. The system will then analyse information and offer you the best tracking options.

For tracking user databases Hivecode need to insert its own records with generated emails and phone numbers. Depending on the technologies you use, seeding can be performed automatically or manually. To be accurate and to be able to detect database leak time, Hivecode will need to insert in your database sometimes (every 1-2 weeks) generated records. The seeding process will be carry on indefinitely.

All the emails seeded in you DB will be regularly checked by Hivecode in the case of detection of inappropriate emails. The emails seeded in the database are not being used, so as soon as one unauthorized email gets, it becomes suspicious, and the system analyses it carefully. Once the system detects multiple emails with similar content on different seeded emails from your database, Hivecode will inform you using your favorite messenger. This obviously means you database has been used without your permission.

Due to Hivecode's flexibility, you can also check your customer database usage even if you give it to third party. Just insert there a few tracked emails to stay informed about its usage.