Advanced integration

With Hivecode you can track almost any software and much more

Advanced tracking with Hivecode

Hivecode uses webhooks to track almost anything. By using advanced integration, you will be provided with a URL, which can be masked as an image, JavaScript, text or anything else. You can insert this URL anywhere and track once this URL is called.

You can customize the URL and submit any information with this request or simply call it. Hivecode will log this request, save the IP address, headers and, any other information submitted, to allow you to identify the launch environment.

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How to start tracking?

Sign up to Hivecode and configure advanced integration. During the configuration wizard, you will be asked to whitelist your domains and IP addresses, and provide a use case where you plan to use it.

The write simple code in your application which will be launched a few times a day at a random time (to hide it from sniffers). The code should call the URL or submit some data (mac-address, machine name, network address, etc.) to the URL of Hivecode. Hivecode will log all the requests and if something breaks the rules that determines authorized access, Hivecode will notify you and provide all the data about the unauthorized launch, including IP address, domain, headers, and any other submitted data.

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Most popular use cases

The list of possible integrations is infinite. You can use Hivecode in any way you need to. Here are just a few examples of the most popular use cases: