Track your data and software usage.

Be assured that nobody else is using your database or software with the professional data leak detection from Hivecode.

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Database leak detection

Hivecode tracks if somebody else is using your sensitive data (emails, phone numbers). No access to your database is required.

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Software usage tracking

Hivecode tracks any unauthorized usage of your custom software and prepares all the details about its usage.

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Advanced integrations

Hivecode supports advanced integrations. Just use our guide to track access to any of your assets, e.g. computers, documents or any other items you want to track.

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Detect any data leak within your company.

Nowadays, nobody will give you a guarantee that your sensitive data (user emails, phone numbers, partners contacts etc.) is 100% secured.

  • Your employees can sell/use your customers database
  • Your database can be hacked
  • Malware can copy your data
  • Thousands of other possible reasons for a data leak

There is no software or other solution which will give you a guarantee that a data leak will not happen.

But if a leak does happened, would you want to know about it? Would you want to know when and how it happened?

Knowing the source of the leak, you can apply non-disclosure agreement penalties to your employees, improve your database security and remove vulnerability, and potentially stop data leakage.

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UNAUTHORIZED software usage detection

Be sure that your web applications are not being used by somebody else

This is not a question. Perhaps: Your company invests money in software development. How can you be assured that your ex-employees are not using it?

Your landing pages, designs, and frontend and backend solutions can be easily copied by anybody and yit is likely you would ever know about it.

If somebody else were to copy any of your CSS, JS, HTML or other source code, your copyright policy?) will be unable to help, as you don’t know who is using your code.

Hivecode provides a ready-to-go solution to make your source code private. With no development skills required, Hivecode allows you to easily track unauthorized uses of your software.

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Easy integration

No need to waste valuable developers’ time to integrate Hivecode into your database or application. Start tracking in just 15 minutes.

  • Any database
  • Any programming language
  • Custom integration with webhooks
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Data leak detection

Hivecode doesn't prevent data leaks, but it informs you know if somebody is using your data or software:

  • Third party database usage
  • Unauthorized software usage
  • Any other activity with custom integration
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Instant notifications

Hivecode delivers reports in the most convenient way. You will know instantly if somebody is using your assets through use of:

  • SMS notifications
  • Slack notifications
  • WhatsApp notifications
  • Email notifications

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Frequently-asked questions

Once you create software or database, you need to make sure nobody else is using it.

How does it work?

Hivecode generates code or data to insert into your application or database. The inserted code will send Hivecode information about any launch environments. Hivecode will also check inserted emails and determine if somebody else is sending messages on it.

How do I configure Hivecode?

Hivecode has a clear wizard which allows complete integration within 15 minutes. Hivecode will tell you what to do once you finish your registration and will keep you informed using your favorite messenger service.

Do I need coding skills to use it?

No. No technical skills are required to use Hivecode for tracking web applications and databases. To implement more advanced integration of other software, minor coding skills will be needed.

Is it safe?

Absolutely. We don't get an access to your database information and only insert our data there. With integration into software, we only insert a simple script, which sends environment information to Hivecode.